Salesforce deployment/Benchmarking


Sales Force is the most important success factors to generate higher sales revenues. You might already be having a sales force team in action. Whether you are performing at the top in the market, launching a new drug, or underplaying the competition, you need to be up to date with the real-time market insights to take business steps strategically. That is where Benchmarking also plays an important role. It is a measurement of analyzing your performance against your competitors and industry standards.

  • Have you thought of getting the insights dug and taken proactive actions?
  • What is the size of your competitor Vs your sales force team?
  • Do you have to increase/decrease your sales force deployment?
  • Do you have to extend your customer reach?
  • What is your customer coverage compared to your competitor?
  • What are the types of expenditures you must incur to engage your customers?
  • Are you aware of recent competitors’ restructuring that might affect your business?
  • What is your competitor’s approach for recent launches? How many people are they going to deploy in Sales, Marketing, MSL, and Market access teams?

You might not be having answers to all these questions, but we definitely have them.

It’s high time for our team of experts to pitch in. With our veteran market-research professionals and highly-skilled global informational contacts, we can deliver 100% Sales force effectiveness to you. We will benchmark your competitor’s field force to help you keep a hawk’s eye on the latest trends and take prudent actions. This is the tried and tested method to stay ahead in the competition.

Perks you get

  • Effective sales strategy
  • Efficient goal plans
  • Sizing & structuring of the Sales force
  • Reach, frequency, and coverage
  • Salary & Incentive compensation plans
  • Effective Sales force culture
  • As a result, Increased revenue & Targeted growth

Candies for you

  • Customized Reports
  • Syndicated Reports

How do we perform
Sales Force Deployment/Benchmarking?

Our research is based on extensive primary research, utilising over 25K industry experts globally. Findings are validated by multiple primary and secondary sources.